Organizational Learning



These are the books that have most influenced the development of OpenSpace Agility™:

SPIRIT: DEVELOPMENT and TRANSFORMATION IN ORGANIZATIONS. Author: Harrison Owen. Subjects: Open Space meeting format, Organizational Culture, Culture Design (link to free PDF)

FROM RITUAL TO THEATRE: THE HUMAN SERIOUSNESS OF PLAY. Author: Victor Turner. Subjects: Passage rites, Master of Ceremonies, Communitas, Liminality. (link)

THE RITUAL PROCESS: STRUCTURE and ANTI-STRUCTURE. Author: Victor Turner. Subjects: Culture change, Passage rites, Master of Ceremonies, Communitas, Liminality. (link)

REALITY IS BROKEN. Author: Jane McGonigal. Subjects: Games and game mechanics. Best part is page 22, the good-game definition: goals, rules, a way to track progress, and opt-in participation (link)




These are the books that are most useful for implementing a org-level passage rite with OpenSpace Agility

THE CULTURE GAME. Author: Daniel Mezick (link)

LEADERSHIP STORYTELLING. Author: Steven Denning (link)

A BRIEF USERS GUIDE TO OPEN SPACE. Author: Harrison Owen. (link to web page)

OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY: A USERS GUIDE. Author: Harrison Owen. (link)




These web page links provide an even DEEPER dive on self-organization, Open Space, and related topics

THE HARRISON OWEN PAPERS. Author: Harrison Owen. Subjects: A collection of Harrison’s writing over the years, some of which never published. A great collection of essays from the formulator of Open Space (link)

WAVE RIDER BOOK INTRODUCTION. A great introduction to the concept of self-organizing social (people)  systems. (link)