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NOTE: OpenSpace Agility is based on Prime/OS™, and derives from it. As such, the books listed below are  important reading for those who want to go deeper on the OpenSpace Agility method. The works of Victor Turner and the SPIRIT book from Harrison Owen are especially important influences….


…These are the books that have most influenced the development of Prime/OS™:

SPIRIT: DEVELOPMENT and TRANSFORMATION IN ORGANIZATIONS. Author: Harrison Owen. Subjects: Open Space meeting format, Organizational Culture, Culture Design (link to free PDF)

FROM RITUAL TO THEATRE: THE HUMAN SERIOUSNESS OF PLAY. Author: Victor Turner. Subjects: Passage rites, Master of Ceremonies, Communitas, Liminality. (link)

THE RITUAL PROCESS: STRUCTURE and ANTI-STRUCTURE. Author: Victor Turner. Subjects: Culture change, Passage rites, Master of Ceremonies, Communitas, Liminality. (link)

REALITY IS BROKEN. Author: Jane McGonigal. Subjects: Games and game mechanics. Best part is page 22, the good-game definition: goals, rules, a way to track progress, and opt-in participation (link)

BELIEVE ME. Author: Michael Margolis. Subjects: Storytelling concepts and facilities. Story mechanics. How to tell an authentic story that matters. (link)


These are the books that are most useful for implementing a org-level passage rite with Prime/OS™

THE CULTURE GAME. Author: Daniel Mezick (link)

LEADERSHIP STORYTELLING. Author: Steven Denning (link)

A BRIEF USERS GUIDE TO OPEN SPACE. Author: Harrison Owen. (link to web page)

OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY: A USERS GUIDE. Author: Harrison Owen. (link)


These web page links provide a deeper dive on self-organization, Open Space, and related topics

THE HARRISON OWEN PAPERS. Author: Harrison Owen. Subjects: A collection of Harrison’s writing over the years, some of which never published. A great collection of essays from the formulator of Open Space (link)

WAVE RIDER BOOK INTRODUCTION. A great introduction to the concept of self-organizing social (people)  systems. (link)

GETSTORIED.COM. This site is delicately crammed with resources for story tellers. In OSA, leadership storytelling is essential. This site provides resources for doing exactly that.  (link)


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