Experimentation is the backbone of the Prime/OS framework. Participants in your culture are encouraged to experiment with the introduction of new practices. The initial use of the practices is framed as experimentation within a set of constraints. The constraints are a set of core principles or “guardrails.” Experiments with practices that align with the “guardrail” principles and stay within the constraints are encouraged and celebrated. Experiments with practices that do not align with the principles and do not stay within the constraints are discouraged.

After a period of experimentation, the results are inspected by the entire organization and the entire organization uses this inspection to make adjustments to the wider process. This aspect of Prime/OS brings everyone into the wider story of organizational change.


The reality is that, inside the Prime/OS framework, participants are playing with the new practices. They understand that all results will be inspected and that nothing is set in stone- yet.

We often think of work and play as opposites; in Prime/OS we avoid that framing. Instead we associate play with the important and essential work of structured experimentation and learning.


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