Transitions serve as a kind of bridge from here to there. Bringing change to an organization is always a big transition…and that always means lots and lots of new learning. And learning is stressful, because it creates ambiguity. What was true… is no longer true. The new truths are unfamiliar… and may even be hard to identify at first.

All genuine learning in creates instability, until that learning is integrated. A primary way to manage the instability of a painful learning transition inside a group is to institute a passage rite.

A rite of passage provides a structure. This ritual has a structure that provides a beginning, a middle and an end to a transitional experience.

Designing a passage rite is an exercise in human experience design.

The Prime/OS structure is a passage-rite structure with a clear beginning, middle and end. This passage-rite structure is not random but rather, is intentionally designed.


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