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NOTE: OpenSpace Agility is based on the open-source Prime/OS™, and derives from it.

Prime/OS™ is culture technology whose primary purpose is to facilitate change in organizations. Prime/OS defines a minimal framework for initiating and encouraging culture change. Prime/OS™ is a composition of several essential elements. The Prime/OS timeline, events, rules, roles, meetings, consulting techniques and related documents are published under the “CC-BY-SA-40” open source license.

Under this license you are free to create derivative works and commercialize them to the fullest extent possible. In return for these rights you must provide the following link (and the following link text) with your derivative work, and make your derivative work available to others on the same terms:

This work is based on Prime/OS, published as an Open Source, Free Cultural Work via the CC-BY-SA license from Creative Commons.

If you create a derivative work based on Prime/OS,  you are required to refer back to Prime/OS and provide attribution.

Here is the HTML to cut and paste into your web pages when referring back to Prime/OS:

This work is based on Prime/OS™, published as an Open Source, Free Cultural Work via the CC-BY-SA license from Creative Commons.
Download the Prime/OS™ Definition Here:

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Download The Latest Version of Prime/OS™ in English, here:

Download The Prime/OS Source Code & Open-Source License

The Prime/OS definition is published under this OPEN SOURCE license:

Attribution ShareAlike
– “CC BY-SA”

This is an open source license. NOTE: Not all Creative Commons licenses are true open source! This license (“CC-BY-SA”) is a true open source license:

This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon a work even for commercial reasons, as long as:

  1. They credit the original author,
  2. They provide a link to the source material, and
  3. They license their new creations under the identical terms.

This license is often compared to open source software licenses such as the GNU GPL.

All new works based on a work licensed this way will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also allow commercial use.

Why publish Prime/OS in this way? Learn more here.

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