DeviationFromTheNormFrank Zappa on Why Deviation from the Norm is Essential. This is especially true regarding Agile coaching…

Length: 28 seconds video link



Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 6.40.11 PMHarrison Owen’s TEDx Talk on Open Space and Self-Organization

Length: 14 minutes. video link




  • Here’s a really good video for socializing Open Space inside your organization. You can show this to company leaders- the production and quality is good, and tells the story well. About 30 mins: (video link)
  • Here is another video on Open Space, shorter… a good intro for kicking off some discussion. About 2 mins: (video link)


Pictures of Actual Open Space Events:

Every Open Space event in an organization includes plenty of time to socialize the invitation- at least 4 weeks. 6 weeks is better. Posting a flyer or handbill in common areas (kitchen and hallways, and entrances/exits) is essential. These links send you to pictures you can use to develop your flyer:

User Guide:

The users guide explains how to develop your theme, invitation and handbill/flyer.

The User’s Guide (PDF Link)


Here’s links to 1000’s of Open Space pics:

  • Pictures from an Open Space done for the Italian ministry of innovation. Thanks to Gerardo de Luzenberger for the link: (link)
  • Pictures from the European Learning Exchange hosted in Italy. Thanks to Gerardo de Luzenberger for the link: (link)
  • You will find 10,000 photos collected over the past ten years or so here. Thanks to Chris Corrigan for the link: (link)
  • Here is a link to many fine pictures of Open Space in action. Thanks to Thomas Herrmann for the link: (link)
  • Photos of the Open Space Stammtisch in Hamburg. Thanks to Markus Wittner for the link. (link)