Open Space Facilitator Role

OSA-Certified Instructors teach the OSA courses, and award OSA credentials to students who attend OSA-certified courses.

You can examine the list of OSA-Certified Instructors HERE.

OSA-Certified Instructors are actually FACILITATORS, assisting others in their learning. All OSA courses are facilitated. They are experiential learning events for those participating.

To become an OST-Certified Instructors, you must:

  • Successfully achieve the  OST2 and OSA2 certification levels;
  • Apply to become an OSA-Certified Trainer, sending in your application and fee;
  • Attend a OSA Train-The-Trainer event (NOTE: these can occur online)
  • Be approved and accepted by OpenSpace Agility, to take up the role of OSA-Certified Instructor

For the first 12 approved OSA Trainers, some of these requirements are relaxed or waived. If you are interested in becoming an OSA-Certified Instructor who teaches the courses and awards the Level 1 certification credentials to your participating students, please CONTACT US

OSA-Certified Instructors are facilitators of:

Organizational Learning