OSA at the PMI

OSA and OSA concepts are featured in a workshop, June 19 at the MASSBAY-PMI Professional Development Day in Norwood Mass.

Here is the link: http://www.myeventguru.com/events/PDDAY2015/


Here is the session description:

The Rapid & Lasting Agile Adoption: Push…or Pull?
Deep Dive Session

A mandate of specific Agile practices is a “push”, while an invitation to understand Agile principles and use practices that align with them is “pull”. Which actually works better? Push, or pull? Mandating, or inviting? Is Agile best implemented in an Agile way?!? The answer is YES, and in this experiential workshop we explore the details. Through a blend of short presentations, case studies and experiential exercises, we explore what actually works. Is your Agile adoption kind of a mess? The tools you take away from this session can be used to “reboot” your Agile adoption…and get it back on track.

What You Will Learn:

  • What IS Agile? Is there a clear definition that we can actually understand and agree to?
  • What is the role of the PMI-Project Manager in the Agile world? *Is every project an Agile project? If not, how do we address this?
  • Can we push “Agile solutions” on software people who create solutions for a living?
  • What is engagement? Why do we care?
  • Can we “make” Agile stick if the people who actually do the work are not engaged?
  • Is encouraging people to “self organize to another job” an effective way to deal with resistance?
  • In this session you’ll learn a proven step-by-step process for creating an Agile adoption that actually sticks.
  • Learning Objectives
    * You’ll learn how to get everyone– PMs, execs, BAs, developers– engaged in the work of “figuring it out”- across the entire organization.
    * You’ll experience these tools during the workshop– you will not just HEAR about them, you will EXPERIENCE them.
    * You’ll exit this session with specific facilitation tools you can bring back to work– and use in your own Agile adoption.
    * You’ll learn how to customize and tailor your Agile adoption plans to fit your organization.


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