OSA at Agile2015

OpenSpace Agility (OSA) is featured in the Agile Conference held in Washington DC in August 2015.

We believe that most experienced Agile practitioners understand the futility of “forced process change” and simply need a way to gently introduce Agile to their organization. OSA is one approach that actually works.



Here is the link to the Agile2015 session: Scaling Agile With Open Space


“…this session presents narratives, pictures, videos and testimony from C-level people as well as team members. Each will describe how Open Space inside their Agile adoption literally changed their lives.

“…of particular interest are the stories executives tell about how they learned to let go and trust their people to provide everything the Agile adoption needed to succeed at scale.



Recently, Agile Manifesto signatory Andy Hunt has been speaking out about issues related to the forcing of process-change. Other Manifesto signatories such as Dave Thomas and Martin Fowler are also speaking out. It appears that there is a trend change well underway, towards invitation and experimentation with principles, and away from mandates…. and the forcing of practices.

The Agile2015 session on Scaling Agile with Open Space has a big story to tell.

We hope to see you there!



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