OpenSpace Agility at AGILE DC!!

We are happy to announce that we are a Platinum sponsor for the AGILE DC event coming up October 24, 2016!!

Large organizations are ramping up for big, enterprise-wide Agile adoptions.

Did you know that large-scale Agile-adoption efforts can cost ONE MILLION DOLLARS or more?

We show you how to do it better.

We show you how to get MORE out of your investment of time & money

OPENSPACE AGILITY takes the risk out of Agile adoption (and saves you LOADS of money on coaching !! ) …by including and engaging your people in the process.

We show you how to protect your investment, save serious money, and get real traction by engaging everyone in your organization. The OPENSPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK shows you how….

…We plan to give away up to 400 copies of the OPEN SPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK to all participants who visit our booth and provide a business card or otherwise sign up for our list:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.45.50 AMThe OPENSPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK is a tutorial and reference guide on OPENSPACE AGILITY, a simple, highly inclusive method for getting a lasting and genuine Agile adoption.

Is your “Agile transformation” actually not what you expected? Are you facing serious resistance to change in your organization? If so, “OSA” is for you!

So: Come visit our booth, sign up for our list, and get yourself a complimentary copy of the 109-page OPENSPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK !


This books sells for $24.95 on AMAZON !!

It’s yours (with our compliments) at AGILE DC !!





You can learn more about the OPENSPACE AGILITY method via this executive summary:

OPENSPACE AGILITY executive summary:

You can learn more about AGILE DC here !

AGILE DC Conference, October 24 2016:



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