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OpenSpace Agility - the Big Picture

Energy Action Escape Velocity OST2 Proceedings Invitation 45 Days OpenSpace Agility Home Prime-OS 30 Days Iterations Higher Performance OpenSpace Agility Home Contact Daniel Mezick Coaching Ends Agile Manifesto Constraints Theme & Invitation OST2 Proceedings (OST1) OpenSpace Agility Roles Direct Experience Experimentation Game Mechanics Leadership Storytelling Emergent Leadership Organizational Learning Stakeholders Teams Master of Ceremonies Coaches Emergent (Informal) Leaders Formally Authorized Leaders Two Full Days Two Full Days Opt-In Meeting: One Full Day Opt-In Meeting: One Full Day Opt-In Participation Second Open Space Meeting First Open Space Meeting Agile Manifesto Experiments with Agile Practices 100 Days 100 Days OpenSpace Agility Home Coaching Begins Draft/Send Invitation Theme Crafting Leadership Preparation OpenSpace Agility Home 60 Days OST Participant Role OST Facilitator Role OST Convener Role OST Convener Role OST Convener Role OST Participant Role OST Participant Role OST Facilitator Role OST Convener Role OST Roles OST Sponsor Role OST Sponsor Role Versions Time

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