This is a series of essay on what actually works.

And what actually doesn’t.

It’s based on about 12,000 hours of actual experience working with executives and their organizations, over a period of about 13 years.

And observing what does, and does not, actually work.

The set of approaches that actually works is actually a very short list indeed.

What actually works is not actually being taught in the Agile industry, generally speaking

So, be prepared to be surprised. To suspend disbelief. To pretend. To act as if.

To play along.

The Goal

To be clear, the goal of this essay series is to increase your understanding of what actually works, in service to … progress.

And with that, let us begin.


  • Employee Engagement is What Scales
  • Open Space Creates Engagement
  • Open Space is based on Invitation
  • OpenSpace Agility is Based on Open Space
  • The Imposition Pattern (“Rolling It Out”) Never Actually Worked
  • Temporary Effects are Real, Then They Go Away
  • Self-Management is Your Goal
  • Only Engaged Employees Can Effectively Self-Manage
  • Yes, Imposing Change Can Work In Some Rare Cases. So What
  • The Deplorable Odds of Success with Imposing Agile Change
  • The Impressive Odds of Success with Inviting Agile Change
  • The Agile Industry Does Not Inspect Itself, Even As It Advises Organizations To Do That
  • The Agile Industry Is At A Transformational Crossroads
  • Inviting Leadership & Invitation-Based Change are the Future of Work
  • Getting Started with Inviting Leadership and the Invitational Approach

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