You need resources to explain OpenSpace Agility (OSA) and Open Space.

These images and brochures are freely available resources you can use to explain, promote and implement OSA. Grab them and go !

Feel free to download and use each of these resources as you see fit. Feel free to include these images in slide decks and other pre-sales artifacts. But: please do not post on social media or on your web. Instead, simply provide the link to this page. Send people HERE to gain access to these materials. This is the link to send:



Scaleable OSA Big-Picture PDF: The PDF document can be used in presentations, printed out, and incorporated into your wider portfolio of presentation materials. It’s a scaleable PDF image. Click this link and then Save the PDF: (download link)








OPENSPACE AGILITY Brochure: This is a 2-sided, 8.5 X 11 document that you can print and fold in into a brochure. One side has explanations and one side is the OSA Big Picture. Click this link and then Save the PDF: (download link)











Updated & abbreviated OSA Big-Picture Graphic: This new diagram design in .PNG file format is provided by Miriam Sasse and Joachim Pfeffer, Authorized OSA Trainers from Germany. Miriam and Joachim have published the “OpenSpace Agility kompakt” which is a 45-page book that explains OSA. This diagram is from that book! You can reach them here if you want to discuss their book. They are also the translators of the OPENSPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK into English. We are grateful to each of them for their work on this diagram! Click this link and then RIGHT CLICK the image to Save it: (download link)