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OpenSpace Agility is derived from an open-source process-design called: Prime/OS™.  As such, OpenSpace Agility is also published as open-source.

The underlying design, Prime/OS™, is culture technology whose primary purpose is to facilitate change in organizations. Prime provides a template and a timeline for gently & effectively introducing org-level change in a way that is rapid, effective & lasting. Prime/OS can be used to effectively introduce any kind of change into any kind of organization.

Prime/OS is a composition of several essential and core elements. The Prime/OS timeline, events, rules, roles, meetings, consulting techniques and related documents are published under the Creative Commons Atrribution Share-Alike license. The license is an open source license. Under this license, you are strongly encouraged to innovate by freely developing applications based upon Prime/OS.

Attribution ShareAlike – “CC-BY-SA”

This license lets you remix, tweak, and build upon Prime/OS,  even for commercial reasons. In so doing, you agree to:

  1. Credit the original author, Daniel Mezick, and
  2. Provide our specified link to the source material, and
  3. License your derivative creations to others under the identical terms.

Under this license, you are free to create innovative, derivative works– and commercialize them to the fullest extent possible. In return for these rights, you must provide a link to certain documents Prime/OS documents with your derivative work, and make your derivative work available to others on the same terms.

You are REQUIRED to include a link back to Prime/OS in a very specific way. Click here for precise instructions on how to do this if you plan to create a derivative work from Prime/OS.

Organizations that have implemented Prime/OS include:

Prime/OS™ Links:

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Current Open-Source Applications & Derivative Works of Prime/OS™:

  • Open Space Agility (link)
  • Open Smart Transformation (link)