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OSA Partners offer good and services that augment OSA and make it better. More importantly, these vendors are strongly aligned with the OSA mindset and philosophy of invitation, opt-in participation, engagement and  “the Open Space way.”

These partners listings are listed in the order in which they were received and approved:



Linda StevensonLINDA STEVENSON of AwakeningInquiry.com provides instruction and consulting in arranging and executing Open Space events. She coaches executives, teams and organizations in how to effectively create higher-performance cultures through the use of Open Space and other tools. Those who are implementing OSA will find Linda Stevenson to be an expert in Open Space planning and facilitation. Linda has participated in Open Space events of up to 400 people in companies like CAPITAL ONE and dozens of smaller enterprises.



agile transformation incSally Elatta and Agile Transformations offer the Agility TeamHealth Radar tool. This tool incorporates over 40 measures to create a scorecard of Agile team health. The resulting scorecard can be used as a diagnostic (to identify problems and opportunities) and a metric (to gauge current state of overall team health.) This tool is cloud-based and can be used to measure individual teams and also to measure collections of teams by “rolling up” their scores into a composite, org-level scorecard.

The Agility Health Radar from Agile Transformations is a tool that adds to OpenSpace Agility by providing a diagnostic and a metric that can be used to measure the results of your overall Agile adoption program. The company also offers a great set of Agile training videos, coaching services and more.




At Theanthropy we love partnering with people to develop healthy workplace ecosystems, which enable intelligent people to be highly productive and innovative. Such environments are now essential to support diverse, collaborative groups in tackling the many intractable problems of today’s increasingly complex and rapidly disruptable world.

Effective use of Scrum continually reveals opportunities for improvements. Our three-day CSM® and CSPO® courses provide a strong platform for your journey. ICF certified coaching and workshops on leadership, group performance and OpenSpace Agility grow people’s abilities for amplifying effectiveness and attaining transformative outcomes.

Achieving significant, measurable progress does not take big changes or lots of energy. In fact we aim to minimise the amount of coaching necessary for achieving self-sustaining momentum. The results can be further amplified when a manager takes responsibility and leads a group to another level.

  • Products and Services: CSM®, CSPO® and Agile Leadership training, Open Space facilitation, Certified Coaching
  • Email: contact@theanthropy.com
  • Phone: +65 9026 9386
  • Web Site: Theanthropy.com


If you are seeking help implementing OpenSpace Agility, you can find certified instructors and certified consultants on this page.

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