• This is an instructor-led, LIVE VIDEO course, online.
  • Not pre-recorded! One instructor, 10 students over LIVE VIDEO
  • The course is limited to 10 participants
  • There is a lot of 1-to-1 connection, interaction and exercises

When you sign up for the online version of this course, you are making a commitment to the course and the community-of-10 participating. You are signing up for seven (7) two-hour modules on successive days excluding Fridays and weekends. Upon completing the class you are awarded the OSA certificate of completion. Thereafter you may elect to go on to implement OSA and apply to become an as an OSA Certified Professional (OCP) and/or an OSA Certified Trainer (OCT). Learn more about the certificate here: (link)



OSA Workshop Online Course Structure & Ground Rules:

To support the course’s aspects of content, community, and commitment, the following ground rules apply to the OSA Workshop ONLINE:

  • 14 hours delivered in seven (7) 2-hour segments, using ZOOM video (like the Q&A) and limited to JUST TEN STUDENTS.
  • 7 consecutive weekdays without Fridays. So: each class is: M,T,W,TH, then M, T, W of the following week, 2 hours per day. 14 hours total.
  • Modularized construction: if you miss, say “Part 4 of 7,” you can grab the video from that trainer. The limit on video make-ups is strictly 2 hours. After that you must attend the next “Part 4 of 7” that’s available in the next-available class to complete your course of study. (In other words, missing a lesson in this live-interactive program of study is strongly discouraged.) Your commitment to engage is an essential aspect of the OSA Workshop ONLINE.
  • When you complete the 7 lessons of 2 hours each, you have earned and are awarded the OSA-certificate-of-completion.
  • The retail cost of this class is $700 US with lower pricing for early-birds, etc.


ZOOM Video



Course Content:


Open Space Roles

Part 1: OSA Overview. Open Space & The Power of Invitation

  • Quick Overview of The Course: Open Space, Prime/OS, and OpenSpace Agility
  • Open Space Fundamentals: The 1+5, Roles, Self-Organization
  • Arranging Open Space: Theme, Invitation, Executing
  • Open Space Internals: Authority and Authorization


First Open Space Meeting

Part 2: Planning before/after Open Space with OSA

  • Review of the OSA stack: Open Space, Prime/OS, and OpenSpace Agility
  • Culture Technology Defined, Prime/OS as culture technology
  • The open source licensing of Prime/OS culture technology
  • OSA as the “transition model,” Open Space Internals: Preparing Executives
  • OSA Concepts & Facilities: Overview, Preparing Executives, ROLES
  • Invitation, Experimentation and Engagement


60 Days

Part 3: OSA Execution Basics

  • Experiments with Practices, The Agile Manifesto as the key constraint
  • Direct Experience. Emergent Leadership, Formal and informal authorization
  • Supporters, Tolerators, Resisters, Increasing engagement with invitations
  • OSA as an anxiety-reducing structure for learning
  • Case Study #1



Part 4: OSA Execution Internals & Advanced Topics

  • Leadership Storytelling, The four key dimensions
  • Organizational Learning, Change and Anxiety, Safe space, Reducing anxiety as key to org learning
  • Liminality, Communitas, The Passage Rite, The “master of ceremonies”
  • Case Study #2


Second Open Space Meeting

Part 5: OSA Cycle Internals: The Second Open Space Event (OST-2)

  • Liminality continued, Liminality and storytelling in OSA
  • Differences and similarities with the initial Open Space event (OST-1)
  • What to Expect, What to watch for
  • Harvesting the data from OST-2
  • Case Study #3


Game Mechanics

Part 6: Game Mechanics: Goals, Rules, Progress. Opt-in Participation and Invitation

  • What to watch for at the end of OST-2
  • Interactions, Meetings, and Membership in Organizations as Games
  • Invitation, Opt-in Participation, and Engagement
  • Passage Rites as Cultural Games, The Culture Game
  • Applying IT/engineering skills (and IT design-thinking) to the culture-design problem
  • Culture as game design, Games of games, Infinite games, Psychological safety & games
  • OSA as a structured game that facilitates change, Open Space as authority game
  • Case Study #4



Part 7: The Standard OSA Problems and The OSA Tools for Addressing Them

  • Passage Rite concepts continued, Ceremonies and Rituals as Games
  • Common knowledge defined, How common knowledge helps solve coordination problems
  • OSA Execution Tools: Educating Executives, Theme Development meeting, Invitation scripts
  • Measurement Tools: Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), The before/after assessment tools and instruments, Measurement as a diagnostic, Measurement as before/after assessment
  • Sponsor-Coaching Tools: disengagement, Foot-dragging by leadership on Proceedings, What to do
  • Leadership storytelling tools, Storytelling scripts
  • OSA Resources, Video Testimonials, Experience Reports, The OSA Toolkits, Connecting with the worldwide OSA-practitioner community online


After the Workshop

Formally Authorized Leaders

The OSA Workshop prepares you to IMPLEMENT OpenSpace Agility competently and confidently. Through the workshop, you are connected to information, knowledge, tools and people who can help you as you implement this template in your own organization.

Each student earns the OSA certificate of completion. This positions you to go further with OSA, as an an OSA Certified Trainer (OCT) or an OSA Certified Professional (coming soon!)  Both of these higher levels of mastery require the following:

  • OSA certificate of completion
  • Direct experience implementing OSA in at least one organization
  • Application & fee
  • Successful completion of the OSA assessment

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ZOOM Video