OSA Experiential Briefing: The OSA Experience in Just 3 Hours

The OSA Briefing is a 3-hour experiential learning event. At the briefing you will learn the basics of OSA and experience the design and implementation of an Open Space event as it occurs on the OSA framework.

If you are a coach, an executive, a manager or a team member that wants to get a quick-start on the OSA framework, this is the class for you.

This 3-hour briefing will help you determine of the OSA framework is right for your situation and context.

This class is FUN and designed to give you an great introduction to the OpenSpace Agility framework.

Every student a copy of the OPENSPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK and 30 days of Q&A and implementation support by email.


  • OSA Theory
  • OSA Practice: An Overview of the Big Picture
  • What Executives Need to Know
  • Experiential Exercise: Invite vs Mandate; Principles vs Practices
  • Engagement, Invitation and Higher Performance
  • Experiential Exercise: Agile Manifesto
  • Open Space Explained
  • Experiential Exercise: Open Space
  • Next Steps on Your OSA Journey
  • Summary and Close

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This OpenSpace Agility class is ideal for:

Formally Authorized Leaders