OPT-IN Participationi

Here are the upcoming OSA classes and events. Click the links to examine course descriptions and instructors, and to register and join classes. By attending and successfully completing an OSA course, you will earn valuable OSA certifications.

NOTE: All OSA courses are offered as face-to-face Workshops and also as ONLINE, instructor-led, live-video events limited to just 10 students participating. Pick the format and dates that work best for you:

ZOOM Video

  • The Live, Instructor-Led Video Online format (link)
  • The Traditional OSA Workshop (link)






Date & Time Location Description Duration Certificate? Register Instructor
 10/23-26/2017 ZOOM Online, 7PM NYC time (USA Eastern) Open Space Technology certification Workshop *online* (link) 2 hrs per day for 4 days in one week. **YES** Register for 10/23-26 HERE Daniel Mezick


 10/25/2017 starting 10AM (Singapore time)  ZOOM online OSACON/East conference event (link) 4 hours  n/a Register for 10/25 HERE Facilitator: Mark Sheffield
 11/08/2017 starting 12PM  (NYC time and date)  ZOOM online  OSACON/West conference event (link)  4 hours  n/a Register for  11/08 HERE Facilitator: Mark Sheffield
  11/27/2017  Paris France Open Space Technology certification Workshop *online* (link) Students achieve OST1 certificate (link) Register for 11/27/17 in Paris HERE  Daniel Mezick
   11/28/2017  Paris France  OSA certification Workshop (link) Students achieve OSA1 certificate (link) Register for 11/28/17 in Paris HERE  Daniel Mezick



Wait: Not ready to commit yet ?!? You can investigate (and consider joining) the OpenSpace Agility group on Facebook here: (link)