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OSA at AgileCoachCamp DC

We are both sponsoring and attending AGILE COACH CAMP USA EAST in DC July 31-Aug2.

In addition, we are offering a 1/2 OSA Experiential Briefing on Sunday Aug 2 immediately following the conference event, and RIGHT BEFORE the Agile2015 event.

You can learn more about AGILE COACH CAMP, and register, here: AGILE COACH CAMP USA 2015

You can learn more about the 1/2 OSA Experiential Briefing on Sunday Aug 2 here: 1/2 DAY OSA EXPERIENTIAL BRIEFING

At both AGILE COACH CAMP and the 1/2 day OSA event that follows, coaches, executives and teams can learn about how to replace mandates with invitations, in service to process-change that is fast, effective and lasting.

We hope to see you there !

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