Businesses of all kinds are coming to realize that self-management is what actually scales, and Open Space Technology is what actually delivers. 




Self-managed teams are essential in any organization that wants to become an Agile enterprise. Self-management across the enterprise leads to higher performance, much higher levels of employee engagement, and much more innovation.






And so the the key question becomes:

How can you as a leader quickly encourage and manifest more self-management, more employee engagement, more innovation and much more business Agility?

Open Space Technology is the answer to this question. Much more than a meeting format, Open Space Technology has the power to transform your entire organization.

With Open Space, you will experience:

  • A big increase in levels of employee engagement
  • Real self-management that can actually scale across your entire enterprise
  • Much more innovation — by creating the fertile conditions necessary for innovation to appear

Open Space Technology is an essential aspect of any “Agile at Scale” program because it engages everyone in the process of changing. Our signature method, OpenSpace Agility, leverages Open Space for this reason. The use of Open Space produces cost-efficient, rapid, and lasting Agile adoptions.

This course in Open Space Fundamentals teaches you how to arrange and execute Open Space events.

It also prepares you to truly understanding how OpenSpace Agility works, and how to implement it.



  • Leaders seeking great instruction in all of the Open Space fundamentals
  • Executives, directors, and managers who are seeking more employee engagement and innovation and are new to the Open Space process
  • Coaches and consultants who serve organizations seeking genuine improvement and more innovation
  • Company leaders who want to implement OpenSpace Agility (or any other change-innovation program) as rapidly & effectively as possible



This certification course is offered in 2 formats:

  • Online, Instructor Led. Attend from anywhere in the world.
    • We deliver this great course online, using live video in an instructor-led format.
    • We use a simple video setup, short sessions, and a small class size to deliver a great experience.
    • BONUS: You learn how to deliver Open Space meetings online, so your entire workforce can participate and work together…anywhere in the world.
  • Face-to-face, Instructor Led. We offer this course onsite at your location and sometimes as a public workshop.
    • Contact us to schedule this workshop at your location.




LEVEL 1: Attend the Workshop

Each student who successfully completes this fundamentals course earns the OSA-Certified Open Space Practitioner Level 1 certification from OpenSpace Agility.


LEVEL 2: Arrange and Deliver an Open Space technology event

Once you have successfully completed this course and facilitated at least one Open Space event of at least 20 attending, you may file your experience report and submit your application to receive the Certified Open Space Practitioner Level 2 certification from OpenSpace Agility. There is no application fee.

Currently there are no annual licensing fees or costs associated with maintaining these certifications from OpenSpace Agility.

If you are looking for a way to quickly ramp up on Open Space Technology, this is your course. Everything you need is here.


Certification benefits include:

  • Credentialing in Open Space knowledge and skills
  • Worldwide Listing on the OpenSpace Agility consultants and trainers pages
  • Membership in the OpenSpace Agility web site, where you can edit your own profile page
  • Membership in the members-only OpenSpace Agility group online
  • Access to incoming requests from organizations and consultants seeking Open Space facilitators to assist with organizational change programs
  • Discounts on classes and workshops from OpenSpace Agility
















To achieve the certification, you must attend and be present for all modules. This course is delivered primarily as an ONLINE class. It is therefore essential that you commit to every single session. This is eight (8) total hours of instruction and experience, typically taught online in sessions of 2 hours at a time, across sequential days of delivery. Be sure to examine the course listings closely to be sure about the exact dates, times and durations scheduled for your class.



Read or listen to “Open Space Technology: A User’s Guide (3d Edition)”



The Open Space Fundamentals Experience

  • Learn About Open Space
  • Experience Open Space
  • Create and Publish Proceedings



  • Introductions
  • Establish Working Agreements


Why use Open Space?

  • Increase Engagement and Collaboration
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Build Relationships
  • Generate Ideas
  • Build Action Plans


What is Open Space?

  • The Reference Definition
  • The Heart of Open Space
  • “Open Space” or “Open Space Technology”
  • Open Space as a Culture Technology Pattern


How Does Open Space work?

  • Preconditions
  • Self Organization


Authority in Open Space

  • Of the Sponsor
  • Of the Facilitator
  • Of the Participants and Members
  • On Authority and “Holding Space”


What Does Open Space Accomplish?

  • Identify Every Issue of Concern
  • Discuss All Issues
  • Distrubute a Written Record of the Discussions
  • Prioritize All Issues
  • Isolate Critical Issues and Determine Next Action Steps
  • Order Emerges Out of Chaos


Activity: Experience Open Space


When NOT to Use Open Space Technology?


The Origin Story of Open Space Technology

  • How it Began
  • How it is Used
  • Experience to Date


Preparing for Open Space



  • The Theme
  • The Group
  • Space
  • Time


  • Opening
  • Agenda Setting
  • Open Space
  • Announcements
  • Evening News
  • Celebration
  • Closing
  • Formal Reports

Checklist for Open Space


Online Open Space Events

  • Technology
  • Preparation
  • Interactions Among Participants


Preparing with Authorizing Leaders

  • Prepare to Lead an Open Space Event
  • Work with the Sponsor
  • Is Open Space the Best Method to Use?
  • Maximize Useful Time and Space
  • Begin at the End – What to Document and How?
  • Create a Powerful Theme
  • Determine Whom to Invite
  • Craft an Appealing Invitation
  • Select and Reserve a Site


When do we Eat? and Other Considerations


Prepare the Site

  • Set up the Room
  • Make and Place Signs
  • Newsroom and Breaking News
  • Supplies


Holding Time and Space

  • Being “Totally Present and Completely Invisible”
  • What to do When Someone is Trying to “Close Some Space” During the Event
  • Where You Get Your Authority to “Hold Space”


Personal Preparation

  • Being Authentically Present
  • Creating and Holding Time and Space
  • Control
  • One Less Thing to Do


Introducing the Event

  • Opening
  • Resolving Schedule Conflicts
  • Group Responsibility
  • The Invisible, Fully Present Leader


Creating Time and Space

  • Welcome
  • Focus
  • State the Theme
  • Describe the Process
  • Principles and Law
  • Create the Community Bulletin Board
  • Open the Marketplace
  • Go to Work



  • Formats for Collecting Proceedings
  • Coordinating the Newsroom and Keeping It Simple
  • Creating and Publishing the Proceedings
  • Alternative Ways to Publish the Proceedings



  • The Closing Circle
  • Reflection
  • Opening the Space Again


Follow-up and action

  • What Action has Already Happened?
  • What Kinds of Action Remain?
  • Prioritize and Plan Actions


How Open Space Delivers the Unexpected:

  • Higher Performance
  • Self-Management
  • Rapid Alignment of Teams, Departments, and Divisions
  • Real Innovation
  • Genuine and Authentic BUSINESS AGILITY…at Scale


Additional Open Space Resources


Activity: Closing Circle

  • Reflect on Open Space
  • Reflect on the Workshop
  • Applying Open Space in the Workplace
  • Publish the Workshop Proceedings


Becoming Level-1 and Level-2 OSA-Certified in Open Space