These are the Ground Rules for the OpenSpace Agility LinkedIn group. They appear here because LinkedIn limits the number of characters in a post, and we are not willing to be subjected to that limitation. So the Ground Rules are here.

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Please read carefully before joining the LinkedIn group:

READ THIS FIRST: This group is *highly* focused on 1 and only 1 topic:

This one ===> OpenSpace Agility

  • Spam, Marketing Products, Self-Promotion is STRICTLY Prohibited! Off-topic posts that have nothing to do with OpenSpace Agility will be deleted.
  • Posting just a link to your or your company’s blog or website, is also a form of promotion. For blogs or articles, make sure they reference OpenSpace Agility and are focused on some aspect of it.
  • All new members are under moderation for the first 30 days. If you post something and it does not appear immediately, don’t worry, the team will approve within a couple of days. (We work as volunteers and hence cannot guarantee immediate action.)
  • People with profiles that are very thin will probably have requests to join declined. We apologize to genuine applicants; put more in your profile that says why OpenSpace Agility, Open Space and Agile is an interest of yours.
  • Help us reduce noise and keep the group clean & meaningful.
  • Goal and Aims: The PURPOSE of this group:The OpenSpace Agility group on LinkedIn is a community of practice devoted to rapid and lasting Agile adoptions using the principles of Invitation-Based Change (IBC) and the practices of OpenSpace Agility and Prime/OS, as described at:www.OpenSpaceAgility.comThis group is the place to post questions, provide answers, post case data and experience reports, tell stories, innovate with Open Space, and have fun learning with others, in service to rapid and lasting Agile adoptions worldwide.An important purpose of this group is to serve as a public-facing “entry point” into the OSA community. Another important purpose is attract and identify LEADERS. If you post useful, aligned, actionable content and guidance here frequently, and interact frequently here, you are in fact an emerging leader here. If you self-identify as such by displaying these behaviors, and by posting great stuff on invitation, engagement, opt-in participation and the like. You are cordially invited to identify yourself as a leader here. Take a shot. Post something. Offer a gift. Respond to people. Be helpful.


    0/ We have fun in this group! Different or weird is good. Be yourself. Show up to engage with others in pursuit of that. Look around first and get a sense of what is going on here.

    Now for the serious business:

    1/ LinkedIn can be challenging place to host a very, very focused Group. With that in mind, we work to carefully make sure the focus is on OSA and the quality of posts is very high. Those who successfully gain membership here will spend time to carefully examine and agree to Ground Rules of the group. Those who post off-topic noise to this group will be banned after their post is deleted. Simply put, to be welcome here, keep it focused on OSA or risk losing your membership quite abruptly and without warning. In all cases Admins have the final say on who qualifies to be a Member here.

    2/ Everyone here agrees to the following code of conduct. If you do NOT agree to this code of conduct, do not join. Tolerance for mediocrity is VERY low in this group.

    Code of Conduct:

    3/ Solicitations focused on OSA are welcome, to the extent the offer supports the aims of the group. So for example, posting about courses related to OSA are welcome here, while posts about garden-variety Agile courses or other off-topic solicitations are not at all appropriate here.

    If you think your solicitation is borderline, send an email to Daniel Mezick ( to get authorization. If you post a promo of your off-topic blog post or your plain-vanilla Agile workshop, expect it to be deleted right before your Membership is put on Moderation.

    These Ground rules are very minimal by design, so use your judgement when posting, and have fun. These rules are subject to change from time to time.