OPT-IN Meeting: Two Full DaysThe second Open Space meeting (OST-2) is a great place to define and execute on ACTION. The group has experienced 100 days of experimentation and also  the previous Open Space event. The group as a whole knows the issues, the opportunities, and the problems. Individual members of the organization have a very good idea about who is currently supporting the process of change – and who is not.

For this reason, OST-2 is a great candidate for a longer meeting. The longer meeting length provides for problem-solving action to be taken during this meeting – rather that focusing on dialogue or merely identifying issues. The OST-2 event can be used to move to action immediately in a way that extends beyond the formally authorized leaders to include everyone present. OST-2 is about sharpening focus, intentions, and results. It is about taking action.

During the last part of the last day of OST-2, the Facilitator can add some activities to encourage ownership of (and action on) the issues that are holding the group back. Since the 100 days are over and people are feeling empowered, OST-2 is a great place for formally authorized leaders to signal to the group. They can signal that the group already has enough authorization (“permission”) to really take up the leadership of the Agile adoption for themselves.

An excellent way to sequence OST-2 is to start it on the afternoon of the first day, and then have a full day after that. This wider period of time can include activities at the end that create energy, action, and “escape velocity” on the issues that are most important to address and solve.