Second Open Space Meeting


The second Open Space meeting (OST-2) has some important characteristics that differ substantially from OST-1.

For example: Everyone already knows how Open Space works. The original novelty of Open Space is no longer present.




Some other important differences include:

  • It is not just a prospective meeting that looks forward, it is also a retrospective that looks back.
  • Everyone knows how Open Space works. The original novelty is no longer present.
  • Everyone has observed and experienced how formally authorized leaders have behaved during the last 100 days or so.
  • Some who were originally resistant may have become more tolerant of the proposed changes, or even supportive.
  • Some who had a “wait and see” attitude of tolerance for the proposed changes may tip towards supporting the process.
  • Everyone has a very good idea of where everyone else stands with respect to the process of experimenting with Agile principles and practices.
  • The easy-to-remove impediments are mostly dealt with, and what is left is some very thorny problems and issues remain.
  • Those who are prone to “gaming the system” are likely to be conspiring about how to “play” and participate in the OST-2 event.

So here is what you can expect:

  • Lower attendance overall – those who attended OST-1 as curiosity seekers, or seeking novelty, are not present.
  • The topics tend to be much more focused on a few big issues- the things that are holding back the next level of progress.
  • The closing circle is smaller.
  • The coach is leaving or otherwise shifting the role in some substantial way, for example shifting from coaching teams to coaching just product people, facilitators, Scrum Masters and executives.

The OST-2 event is an important inspection point. During this meeting we inspect the last 100 days or so of experience. Some practices that are not clearly working are adjusted, tailored, or even discarded as a result of discussions inside this meeting. Policies that are impeding continuous improvement tend to be clearly identified and discussed. In general, the OST-2 event tends to be a call to action.

Not surprisingly, the OST-2 event is also the place where you will find the highest concentration of people who are truly committed to continuous improvement. The folks who attend the OST-2 event are the people who like the very open approach – and the very strong results – of the OSA method.