Theme & Invitation OST2The acts of Theme Crafting and Sending The Invitation before OST-2 have some specific (and somewhat subtle) differences that are explained here.

Toward the end of the 100 days of Experiments with Agile Practices, the organization will be expecting OST-2. And in general, those planning on attending this event will be well prepared for it.

The story of the shifts that happened during the previous 100 days will be fresh in the minds of the people in the organization. They know the Proceedings will be quickly distributed and acted upon. Leadership Storytelling during the previous 100 days is confirming and supporting the ongoing process of experimentation.

In addition to these positive shifts, there is also be an emergent awareness of the most difficult obstacles the organization and the goal of continuous improvement. They are  be aware of the upcoming Coach Role Change, which means that the availability of the Coach will be significantly altered. The relationship will be different.

In other words, time is running out.

In crafting the Theme and sending out the invitation for OST-2, the Coaches and Master of Ceremonies can change their tactics. Since their roles are changing soon, they need to “sharpen their rhetoric”. The Coach can be much more direct in asserting what he or she sees.

The OST-2 event is less novel, and very likely has lower attendance. Those who do participate will be initiated, and ready to tackle clearly identified issues with greater focus and commitment.


Written by: Harold Shinsato, OSA-Certified Trainer