Proceedings OST-2



The Proceedings for the second Open Space event (OST-2) serve many of the same functions of the Proceedings of OST-1, and require most of the same support.




But there are significant differences:

  • People understand the process and require less direction and hand-holding.
  • OST-2 usually has a smaller but more determined attendance. But those who do attend tend to show up with a much higher level of commitment and focus.
  • The topic list is shorter and tends to focus on the biggest obstacles and impediments in the way of a high performing and learning organization.
  • A similar post-OST inspection meeting happens, but the role of the Coach changes or even ends after the leadership inspects the OST-2 proceedings. The Coaches sharpen their rhetoric in anticipation of the change in their role. The Proceedings of OST-2 are a rich source of material for the sharpened rhetoric. With these proceedings the Coach can underline critical items for the leadership to heed.

After OST-2, the focused and committed emergent leadership will tend to experience the Coach-role change as a signal to “step it up”. They now understand what needs to happen to “level up.” The Sponsor can harness this energy by focusing on removing obstacles described in the Proceedings.

When the formally authorized leadership does this, the entire program can achieve “Escape Velocity” towards the next level of higher performance.


Written by: Harold Shinsato, OSA-Certified Trainer