OPT-IN Meeting: One Full Day








The first Open Space meeting in the OSA method is referred to as OST-1. This meeting has two very important characteristics:

  • It must be completely opt-in, meaning it is 100% OK to opt-out, and OK to NOT attend.
  • It is best if for this event to be no longer than one day.

The experience of Open Space is a new one for most participants.  And since the introduction of Agile ideas is also new, it is best to realize that the organization is taking in something completely new.

As such, it is going to take a little bit of time for the organization to integrate the learning and experience of the first Open Space event. A one-day event keeps it simple, and allows the period of experimentation to begin quickly.

The introduction of Agile affects people up, down, and across the entire organization. Inviting them to Open Space is one way to mix all of these perspectives. The people invited may currently be resisting the idea of Agile. Or they may be merely tolerating, with a “wait and see” attitude. Others may be strong supporters of the idea.

For this reason, in all cases, the meeting must be opt-in. There cannot be any kind of coercion. Those who do not wish to attend must be afforded the opportunity to opt-out….without sanctions.

We want the event to contain a diversity of people, with many positions and perspectives… people who are genuinely enthusiastic about exploring the Theme of the meeting, as expressed in the Invitation.