Organizational Learning

Why is organizational learning important?

Organizational learning is the key competitive advantage for modern day companies.   The increasing complexity of technological advances makes it imperative to leverage the full combined brainpower of our teams.  When this is done, the result is a collective success for the business.

Studies show that solutions derived from teams are far better than solutions derived by individuals, even the “smartest” individual.

Learning and execution are often at odds; learning naturally brings us into the area of unknown and potential failures.  In order to facilitate organizational learning, the culture has to permit teams to fail fast – and learn.

Organizational learning drives innovation, which has a direct result on the bottom line of a corporation.  In addition to this, if you read the tea leaves you will see that the best talent in the up-and-coming workforce will only consider working in a learning organization.

Millennials overtake the Boomers as the largest generation in the workforce in 2015.   This generation has a very different mental model than all prior generations.  They value an engaged workforce first and foremost.  This is the networked culture, connected without constraint.  They value collaboration and getting along over being right.  Millennials love collaboration.  In order to attract this up-and-coming talent pool, corporations need to create productive environments where teamwork thrives.


Written by: Deb Pontes, OSA-Certified Trainer