OPT-IN ParticipationOpt-in Participation is essential.

Here is the basic premise: the passionate and the responsible can and will show up to do the hard work of leading the Agile adoption. We identify the passionate and responsible by issuing invitations – instead of mandates.

As Harrison Owen says: “Without passion, nobody cares. Without responsibility, nothing gets done.”

In OSA, we replace coercive mandates of process-change with what amounts to an “an invitation to play a game.

Here is the game:

The Goal:

  • Explore how to improve continuously, as an organization, via the experimental implementation of Agile practices

The Rules:

  • Experiment with Agile practices, and then inspect the results about every 100 days.
  • Start and end the 100 days in Open Space.
  • During the 100 days, “suspend disbelief,” “act as if,” and “pretend” these Agile principles and practices might actually work.
  • After the 100 days, discard practices that are not working. Improve and keep using practices that are working.

Progress Tracking:

  • Examine the Open Space Proceedings, paying attention to the actions the organization is taking to improve based on this document.
  • Observe the new behaviors of executives, directors, managers, and teams.
  • Listen for the new stories being told.
  • Pay attention to improvement in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


  • 100% opt-in.

In OSA, we hold that a well-structured and enticing invitation to participate is superior to a coercive mandate – in (almost) every way.