100 DaysOne hundred days is the recommended period time for time-boxing in the OSA method.

About 100 days gives the entire organization enough time to gain experience – and actually figure things out. Less time can work, if it is carefully managed. For example as little as 60 days is OK provided the implementation is well-communicated and well-managed. The 100 days is bounded by beginning-and-ending Open Space events.

During the 100 days, executives engage in Leadership Storytelling as they encourage experimentation with Agile practices. An “Agile practice” is any practice that supports (or is at least not offensive to) the 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto.

During the 100 days, executives, directors, managers and teams are encouraged to “suspend disbelief,” “act as if,” and “pretend” that Agile practices can work. Everyone is encouraged to “suspend disbelief” as the experiments are experienced and substantial new learning is harvested.

This new learning is exported into the next Open Space meeting, where everything is inspected and everyone is free to express what they want, think and feel about the Agile adoption. In this manner, the free and open spirit of Open Space extends beyond the before and after meetings to include the entire 100 days of learning.

Ideally, your OSA implementation creates the fertile conditions for creating “100 days of Open Space.”